Just a few decades ago, you could only download an application to your mobile device to access a few games. Today, HTML5 and other technologies ensure stable access to a large and diverse game collection. Find out how mobile gambling has changed over the past years and what its future is.

The Current Mobile Gambling Market

At the beginning of 2020, the share of mobile gambling in the global gaming market was 45%, or $68.5 billion. Despite the common opinion that mobile gambling is more suitable for younger people over 21 years old, the average age of players is 36.3. Moreover, one-third of mobile gamers are between 36 and 50 years of age. Another stereotype is that most gamblers are male, while according to statistics, 51% of mobile gamers are female.

The Reasons for the Rapid Development of the Mobile Gambling Market

PlayAmo Casino and other smart online gambling houses have launched mobile apps and/or mobile-optimized site versions for a reason. This is really worth investing in since it allows attracting lots of gamblers and also increasing the time that they spend playing casino games.

There are many reasons for the quick development of the mobile gambling industry. The main ones are as follows:

  • Accessibility. Users carry mobile devices with them all the time, so they have an opportunity to enter a casino at any time they want. You do not have to wait until you come back home and switch on your PC;
  • Web-optimized gambling platforms. Today, players can access a huge collection of casino games without having to download anything on their devices. That is possible thanks to site versions that have been specially optimized for mobile users. Also, players do not have to bother with compatibility problems since users of Android or iOS-based devices can enter the same site version;
  • Rapidly developing technologies. These are related to many things from mobile platforms to devices. Manufacturers produce more advanced and affordable phones, tablets, etc., allowing gamers to enjoy a greater performance of gaming products.

The Future of Mobile Gambling

  • It is expected that not only the number of mobile gamblers will increase over time, but that the industry will significantly evolve. Check out the latest trends in the industry:
  • 5G. This technology allows enjoying a much greater internet speed than what we have with 4G. This will allow mobile game developers to offer more advanced products in terms of graphics and functionality;
  • Better devices. Knowing about the rapid development of the mobile gambling industry, the device manufacturers try to offer special products for gamers that come with a larger screen, greater battery capacity, and other advantages;
  • VR and AR games. A few casinos have already launched VR games, but there is still a long way to go in this field. The development of these technologies will surely become one of the most popular trends;
  • More mobile games. Lots of software suppliers start producing mobile games, taking into account an increased demand for them. This allows players to access a larger collection of various games on the go.