Who has never played roulette? Maybe you… In this case, who has never seen American movies where casino fans are seen enjoying playing roulette? This game is now anchored in the collective imagination and all land-based casinos without exception offer it at their gaming tables.

This freedom in terms of accessibility can be achieved thanks to the Internet, more precisely through the countless online casinos. So much so that it has become one of the most popular today. With various variants at your disposal, let’s discover today the specificities of American roulette.

American Roulette

You’ve arrived at the casino, or on the online casino interface… And there you see a dealer and a crowd of people gathered around a seemingly simple game. Don’t go any further, you should know that there is a good chance that this game is roulette!

An American roulette wheel has 38 numbers, from 1 to 36 with the addition of the number 0 and the number 00. This type of American roulette is the most played type of online casino game. American roulette consists of a roulette table, a spin table, a betting table, a ball and chips.

How American Roulette works

To play American Roulette, players place one or more bets on the table before turning the board. A ball, made of ivory, will be positioned at the outer edge of the turntable. Then, just wait for the ball to settle in one of the numbered squares on the board. The objective of the game being to know at the same time the color and the number of the square on which the ball will stop.

Strong sensations and excitement are there, according to the bet you place, your chances to win are more or less high. What spices up the game is of course the 0 and double zero squares, which can make you lose your entire bet. It is therefore a game of pure chance that can make you win the jackpot or make you come home empty-handed, it’s up to you to know if luck is on your side!

The different bets

It should be noted that there are several types of bets such as: full number, two numbers on horseback, the square, the column, simple odds – pass – miss…

It is up to you to choose the most advantageous bet in terms of return on investment. It’s also a good idea to observe several rounds before committing to a bet.

What are the differences between the variations?

European roulette games (English and French), do not have double zero squares. The casino’s odds are therefore increased. Therefore, you should play the European versions of the roulette games if you want to win more.