If you are just starting out in sports betting today, these 8 tips will clearly save you time. And save you from falling into the traps that we bettors have all fallen into.

Of course you are not going to become a professional bettor, and experience sports betting overnight. But if you are able to apply these tips, you will be able to win your sports bets on a regular basis.

The goal is to win in the long run and to be able to generate additional income. And that’s already huge.

#1 Play simple bets

The first of the tips for winning in sports betting is simple to apply (no pun intended). As indicated in the title, it is about betting on simple bets.

However, in reality, very few punters bet this way. In fact, the vast majority prefer to play combined bets, because they have two main advantages:

It allows you to bet less money than if each game is played as a single.

And of course the expected winnings are much higher than on a single bet.

Especially since most bookmakers offer boosted odds for combination betting. And since the bonus increases with each added match, players are validating bigger and bigger combinations.

In the end there is a windfall effect, which makes the handsets look more like a game of chance than sports bets. The goal of many bettors is to win the jackpot and get rich quickly, but it doesn’t work.

That’s the real problem, you can’t win with handsets. In fact, the more matches you add, the more chances you have of losing your bet.

There’s a kind of multiplier effect, which means that by multiplying the number of matches you actually divide the chances of winning by a lot. So to win more often, you will have to concentrate on single bets, which will give you a much better success rate.

Similarly, if you are starting sports betting it is best to avoid live betting. Indeed, when betting live, you are more tempted to bet at random without analyzing.

The video streaming present on some lives and the odds that go up and down can have an exhilarating effect. We therefore advise you to bet on pre-match bets instead.

Another basic tip for winning in sports betting is to manage your bets well.

#2 Manage your bankroll

When you start betting, you have to set a budget, that’s the basis. However, this is far from obvious because most bettors do not create a specific capital for sports betting.

When you don’t set a budget, the risk is to gamble beyond your means. Therefore, creating a bankroll is to protect yourself by betting only the money you can afford to lose.

Your bankroll is therefore money entirely devoted to sports betting, it is not household money.

Once your bankroll is established, you must now rigorously manage your bets. In order not to lose your entire capital due to a series of losing bets, you must bet a percentage of your bankroll for each bet.

Ideally, you should even adapt your bets according to the confidence you place in your bet. Simply don’t exceed 5% of your bankroll (or 5 Units) per bet.

For example, if you estimate the chances that your bet will increase to 4/5, you can choose to bet 4% of your bankroll. Of course you can decide to apply a different scale, you are free to do so.

The most important thing is to be consistent, it is to bet more when you have a very strong confidence in a bet. And to bet less when you feel that your bet is less likely to pass.

Creating a bankroll is therefore fundamental when you want to win in sports betting. But often the problem for bettors is that they have a small bankroll, especially at the beginning.

One of the best ways to increase your bankroll is to take advantage of welcome bonuses.

#3 Taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses

If there is one argument that bookmakers put forward, it is the welcome bonus. And that’s quite normal, since it’s thanks to the bonuses that they can conquer new bettors.

Of course it is each bookmaker who decides about the bonus and therefore it will be different from one online betting site to another. Nevertheless there are some common points.

Most often the bonus will consist of a refund of your first bet. If you lose, the bookmaker will pay you back in freebet (or free bet) for your first bet.

Usually this refund is made within the limit of 100 $. This is really the standard welcome bonus that most bookmakers offer.

The disadvantage of a bonus paid as a free bet is that you have to put it back into play before you can cash it out.

Also when you play a freebet the bet does not count, you will only be able to cash out the profit you make from that free bet. If you are still having problems with the freebet system, please follow this link.

#4 Analyzing well

If you want to win at sports betting, there is one essential step to success. And that crucial step is analysis.

Betting at random, or betting because you’re a fan of a player or a team, are all bad ideas. Nothing replaces the precise analysis of a match.

It involves evaluating the stakes of a match, and therefore consulting the upcoming schedule of each team (or player). This allows you to determine if the match is important or not, and thus to deduce the degree of motivation.

Let’s take the example of a big team that has a banal championship match stuck between two important European Cup matches. One can assume that it will be much less motivated for the championship match than for the European Cup matches.

However, in sports, it is not necessarily the strongest team that wins, often it is the most motivated. That’s why you have to pay attention to the stakes around a match.

Also you must not forget to consult some important elements before betting on a match. The weather of course, but also the news and especially the possible injuries and suspensions.

Indeed the absence of players (especially when they are important players) will inevitably have an impact on the course of a match, and therefore the result.

You will find information on absences, on news sites and live score sites as flash Results.

Of course you have to complete your analysis with all the statistics that could be useful to you. In general the bookmaker provides you with the most important ones: rankings, latest results, history of confrontations.

But it is rare that these few stats are enough, so do not hesitate to consult specialized sites on statistics.

They exist for all sports, for example for soccer you will have Soccerstats and Whoscored for player stats.

It is only when you succeed in your sports betting analysis that you will be able to detect valuebets.

#5 Finding valuebets

Finding valuebets is actually the only way to really win at sports betting.

What is a valuebet? Simply put, it is a bookmaker’s mistake. It is therefore a bet at a higher odds, than what you think it should be.

And it’s only after the analysis you’ve made that you can estimate the probability that a bet will pass.

As an example is better than a long speech. Let’s assume that you want to bet on Chelsea winning against Arsenal at 2.10.

You estimate the probability of Chelsea winning at 50%.

Using the table above, you can deduce that for a probability of 50% the minimum rating must be 2. Here, as Chelsea’s rating is 2.10, it is indeed a valuebet.

If you want to know more about the calculation of a valuebet, do not hesitate to read this article.

Nevertheless, when you detect a valuebet, you need to be reactive enough. Indeed if the bookmaker detects an error, he will not hesitate to adjust the odds.

The site will rebalance the odds according to the bets of the bettors, the odds which was value will logically decrease.

Remember also that estimating the probability that a bet will pass is far from being easy. So there is always the risk of making a mistake and seeing a valuebet where there is none.

Despite this, finding valuebets is really the best technique to use in order to win in sports betting.

#6 Controlling your mind

There is one important element in sports betting that we don’t necessarily think about: psychology. Indeed, the mind plays an important role and directly influences our way of betting.

We must be aware that in sports betting, a series of losing bets will follow a series of winning bets. Often at the beginning you can have a beginner’s luck, then you start losing, then you start winning again … etc.

In short, this operation by cycle is quite classical and normal, it is the variance.

Only when you start betting or you don’t necessarily know that it’s normal, it can be very destabilizing. And when you have a series of losing bets, there is the risk of making a tilt.

#7 Specialize

To win in sports betting, you have to avoid betting on anything and everything, to avoid dispersion. Quite simply because you can’t know all the teams in all the soccer championships, nor all the sports.

But in sports betting, the key is really knowledge. Knowing the sport, the competition, the teams, the players, is fundamental to a successful sports betting analysis.

As you can’t know everything and your time is limited, we advise you to specialize. If you bet on soccer, it is best to specialize in 1 or 2 championships.

The goal is to have some expertise, because it is really by being an expert in a competition that you will be able to find reliable valuebets.

If you’re not a soccer fan you can specialize in another sport. But here again you should start with a maximum of 2 sports, it is better to be very strong in one sport than average in all of them.

The best is even to specialize on competitions or unknown sports, those that are the least mediatized. These are called niche sports, as opposed to the mass sports that are the most bet: soccer, and to a lesser extent tennis and basketball.

Why specialize in niche sports (or competitions)? Simply because bookmakers are less strong on minor sports. They will have less data and information on more confidential disciplines than on mass sports.

If you are a specialist in a niche sport, you will find more valuebet than in a mass sport. I know I’m boring you with valuebets, but it’s really the basis for any bettor who wants to win.

#8 Payback betting technique

This method of “payback betting” is used by many pro bettors. It is by far the best way to win regularly in sports betting.

The classic example is the Draw No bet, which is a bet where you get your money back if there is a draw. Often bookmakers call these bets “payback if draw”.

Of course you can create a payback bet for any type of bet, not just a Draw No Bet. The principle will always be the same: you will have a main bet and a “cover” bet that will allow you to get your full refund.

Let’s take an example, assuming you have a total bet of 30 $. You want to bet on the victory of the team (1) rated at 2, and be reimbursed your 30 $ in case of a draw. The draw is rated at 3.

To make a refunded bet, you always have to calculate the bet for the refunded bet first. Here we will divide our 30 $ by the odds of the draw. 30/3 = 10 $, so you will have to bet 10 $ on the draw, in order to be refunded your total bet.

Then you will spend the remaining amount on your main bet. So 30 – 10 = 20 $, so you will bet 20 $ on the victory of the team (1) rated at 2.

From then on there are 3 possibilities:

Team (1) wins, so you win 20 x 2 = 40 $.

There is a draw, that will give 10 x 3 = 30 $. Your total bet was 30 $, so you get your money back.

Team (2) wins, your bet loses and you lose your entire bet.

The big advantage of this method is obvious, especially for 3 bets. With this method you have only one losing choice instead of two.

By betting this way, you reduce your chances of losing and mechanically increase your success rate.

Above all, this method allows you not to reduce the winnings of your main bet too much. This method is much more profitable than a double chance bet where the odds will be very low.

The payback bet is a good compromise between security and winnings, so it is THE method you need to master to win in sports betting.

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