March, 19 is not just another ordinary day for Nevada. This was the day when the lawmakers of the state legalized gambling in 1931. Today, Nevada celebrates the 90-year history of gambling that changed the economic development of the state forever. Online betting sites like Cookie Casino login have benefitted from original offline casinos that took off in Nevada and have used the latest technology to push the  gambling industry to new heights.

Surprisingly enough, when Nevada legalized gambling back in 1931, it was not life-changing for the bettors since they were playing in illegal casinos that were fairly popular at that time. Nevertheless, Nevada historians unanimously agree that March 19, 1931, was one of the most important days of the state that changed it forever.

When Nevada lawmakers legalized casinos, it was a fairly small business. However, it had grown significantly by the 1950s. It is not known for sure how many casinos were opened almost a century ago, but the first casino in Nevada is considered to be Railroad Pass, which was opened only five months after gambling was legalized. This casino was built to entertain the Nevada construction employees. Nevada has been developing the industry and still continues to open new casinos.

Gambling Industry Development in Nevada

Many people think that gambling was legalized because of the Great Depression to make more money during the crisis. Nevada historians deny it and explain that the gambling industry in Nevada was started thanks to Tom Carroll, a real estate developer. “Give them a reason to visit, and they will visit. They will like it here. They will spend their money here. If they do not like it here and do not want to invest, we still have made a good profit.” 

Before, Nevada used to be a mining and railroad state. Then it shifted towards being a tourist destination, relying on the support of the visitors. And this shift turned out to be highly successful for Nevada. 

When Nevada legalized gambling, it had a population of just over 4,000 people that could not make a big difference. But the shifting towards tourism destination strategy worked, and now the business is thriving. 

Twenty years after legalizing gambling, Nevada created a two-level body and became the gambling authority of the United States. Nevada’s system of control has two levels — Control Board which ensures the gambling laws observance, and the Committee that makes final decisions on the gambling policies in the state. Nevada is called “The Golden Standard” because of its two-level system that can provide for strict law observance and control. Nevada has become so authoritative that committees and gambling organs from other countries ask for Nevada’s advice. 

Nevada’s gambling path started long before it even became a state as gold hunters who wanted to get rich brought gambling games with them. Now Nevada is considered to be a world gambling center that attracts millions of bettors from all around the world.