All online casinos provide cashless payments. Only a few clicks to make a deposit –it’s easy and convenient. Let’s check what ways of payment can be used on online casinos! CasinoChan offers payments by bank transfers and eWallets transactions, but also a list of cryptocurrencies. Recently, the last type of payment has become incredibly trusted and very popular, so does it mean that it will be a leading one in the nearest feature?

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

So what’s making cryptocurrencies the most reliable way of online transactions? It’s a digital currency that demands no physical money to make a transaction. Let’s list the main advantages of cryptocurrencies:

  1. It’s the safest way of payment. It’s well protected and doesn’t involve banks or any third parties.
  2. It follows that there are no fees for using third parties.
  3. Your personal information is staying private because it’s kept through the blockchain.
  4. The transactions are fast.
  5. Many casinos offer bonuses for cryptocurrency transactions.

However, many casinos don’t provide cryptocurrencies yet. But, it seems like things will change soon as the popularity of such a way of payment is growing rapidly. The anonymity and keeping all the personal information safe attract many gamblers a lot.

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

The list of cryptocurrencies in online casinos is expanding. Many new cryptocurrencies will be on the market soon and it’s for sure. Furthermore, there are some of them made especially for online gambling. Let’s define leaders:

  • Bitcoin (BTC). It’s the first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world. The majority of online casinos have already accepted bitcoin or are going to do it in a short time. It’s recognizable and trusted, so it’s likely to stay the most successful cryptocurrency in the future.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Based on BTC, Bitcoin Cash was created to reduce the flow directed to the BTC blockchain. All the cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology that keeps all the information about transactions occurring on the network. However, now Bitcoin Cash is developing independently, but successfully.
  • Ethereum (ETH). Firstly created as a blockchain-based applications development platform, Ethereum started to support a promising cryptocurrency. Once Ethereum was attacked by a group of hackers that forced to divide the cryptocurrency into 2 coins: Ether (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).
  • Litecoin (LTC). It’s considered a main competitor of BTC. Litecoin was created on a Bitcoin basis, but it was developing quite differently. The main advantage of LTC was its faster transactions. Time has passed, thus Litecoin is still a little faster than BTC.
  • Monero (XMR). It’s the newest one among all cryptocurrencies mentioned above. Monero had a larger base of examples to make a successful cryptocurrency at the start and it’s positively impacted the results nowadays. XMR is famous for its highest level of transactions and personal information protection.

The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing. More and more online casinos accept cryptocurrencies. It’s a perfect and safest way of payment for gamblers. The use of cryptocurrencies is significantly decreasing internet scams and frauds.